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General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Slammed For Being A ‘Massive Hypocrite’ Over Haley Pullos

It looks like she really can’t have it both ways, now can she? General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn is being slammed on social media for supposedly being a ‘massive hypocrite’ over her former co-star Haley Pullos. That’s because Nancy, who often likes to criticize anyone or anything that does not align with her own beliefs or values, seems to be protecting Haley in the comments section of her X feed even though the former General Hospital star has been accused of almost killing another person while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Slammed For Being A ‘Massive Hypocrite’ Over Haley Pullos

After TMZ reported that Haley would be jailed for 90 days because of her DUI case, Nancy was quick to come to her defense. She wrote, “As Haley’s TV mom I can tell some truths about her as I’ve loved her since she was a little girl. She made a HUGE mistake, knows it, owns it & has spent the last yr doing EVERYTHING imaginable to take responsibility 4 it. It’s not that I oppose jail. It’s that I oppose this jail.”

When one of Nancy’s social media followers responded with, “After driving drunk and almost killing someone, she sued the injured party and pleaded no contest for a plea deal. That doesn’t exactly scream taking responsibility. I hope she has put in the work and never makes the selfish decision to drive drunk again. I wish her the best,” Nancy clapped back with, “You have no idea.”

General Hospital News: Is Nancy Wrong?

And then after this comment, “Sorry but what she did deserves more of a 90 day punishment. Seems that famous people are not held accountable for their crimes. I loved her as an actress but a crime is a crime,” Nancy wrote, “Have a damn heart. She has suffered immeasurably. taking her lumps in droves. There is no excuse for the filth and disrepair in a county jail. How will this benefit anyone?”

So far Haley Pullos herself has not made any comments about the matter.

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17 days ago

I have nothing for Nancy or Poulos! GH can get rid of both!!! Disgusting! As much as Nancy opens her big mouth against everyone else and then Polous she defends when the girl is a drunk menace is dispicable!!!

Judy In South Carolina
Judy In South Carolina
17 days ago

No surprise here that NLG is taking this position. She is and has been controversial in the past to a level that has alienated many of her fans. For some reason she has extreme difficulty in graciously accepting anyone’s point of view (especially politically) that differs from her own.

She is a fabulous master of her craft so it’s a shame she doesn’t seem to be a very nice person and seems to continually re-affirm that fact.

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