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Michelle Obama Backed Out Of Presidential Campaign For This Reason

If she could turn back time, she certainly would. There’s heavy speculation on social media that suggests Michelle Obama regrets the decision she made no to run for president this year. Apparently, she didn’t want to step on President Joe Biden’s toes by taking his place as the Democratic nominee but at the same time, she was being pressured to do so by her fans. But it seems like the former First Lady might have backed out from her plans for another reason. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Michelle Obama Backed Out Of Presidential Campaign For This Reason

Even though Michelle Obama made it pretty clear that she has faith in Joe Biden and believes that he can put up a good fight for the White House, a lot of people believe that Michelle would have given the dems another four years in Washington, D.C. But it seems like there was just one person that was stopping Michelle from committing herself to a campaign and that person was and probably still is Donald Trump.

Apparently, Michelle was afraid of all the nasty barbs that she would have gotten from the former president if she were to run against him. He certainly did it with Hilary Clinton and he would have done it again with Michelle Obama. It seems like female presidential candidates are Trump’s easiest targets and that’s just something Michelle Obama didn’t want to deal with. She didn’t want to have to constantly defend herself or remain cool, calm and quiet while knowing all too well that the personal attacks would have gotten to her in one way or another.

Will Michelle Obama Change Her Mind Again?

But now that it looks like Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in the polls, Michelle Obama has every reason to be concerned. She might even feel as though she made a mistake by not putting her name in the hat. Then again, it’s not too late for her to change her mind, especially if it looks like Donald might take back the keys to the White House by November. 

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