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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Here’s What Konstanin Has In Store For Maggie

Days of Our Lives spoilers say you didn’t think he would just walk away quietly, now did you? The latest edition of Soap Opera Digest has everything you need to know about Konstantin and his new plot against Salem’s sweetheart, Maggie. It looks like Konstanin will stop at nothing to try and stay in her life. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Here’s What Konstanin Has In Store For Maggie

Actor John Kapelos, who plays Konstantin on the hit Peacock soap, says that while viewers might feel like they can’t trust him, he’s still someone who has genuine affection for her, believe it or not. Speaking about the character, he put it this way, “He’s needy, and he truly likes her. I also think he covets what he couldn’t have with Mr. Kiriakis. This is the part of Konstantin that I’ve always had the issue with. Is he always wanting something? Is it merely money or power or the desire to subsume the Kiriakis fortune? Or is it also to get other things? But that’s maybe just [me] the romantic.”

That said, Days of Our Lives spoilers add that it’s Julie who will interrupt the two of them together, much to Konstantin’s dismay. John continued, “She’s always aware of what’s going on and, in a way, has radar. She has the real potential of being a person that Konstantin has to keep his eye out for. Konstantin’s a bit paranoid anyway. He doesn’t know who’ll be coming at him. Julie’s a mild irritant at this moment, but he’s got bigger fish to fry… like Theresa.”

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What Will Konstanin Do Next?

Days of Our Lives spoilers further add that Konstanin sees Theresa next and asks for an update on Alex. He share, “He’s really trying to play evil matchmaker so that she can secure a position [in Alex’s life]. He’s very direct with her and never minces any words. She’s not as easily manipulated as he’d like her to be. I think he regrets having gotten involved with her, but she’s a necessary evil.”

Days of Our Lives airs on the Peacock network. Fans will simply have to tune in each and every day to find out what will happen next! 

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