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GH Spoilers: Sneaky Surprises, Intense Interviews, No Negotiations?

GH Spoilers: Sneaky Surprises, Intense Interviews, No Negotiations?

General Hospital spoilers and updates for Tuesday, April 2 tease sneaky surprises, intense interviews and no negotiations.

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Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) is confronted about a sneaky surprise, Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) gets an intense interview and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) may not want to negotiate!

Sneaky Surprises

Curtis is confronted by Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) and it looks like she’s caught him getting out of his wheelchair.

He tries first steps at walking and she wants to know why on earth he is keeping this from his family? Perhaps he wants to be better and stronger before he makes an announcement, or maybe he just wants to surprise them.

If this is a sneaky surprise he’s trying to pull off, sneaky Auntie Stella’s kind of ruined it. If Curtis is able to walk again, it should be a reason for rejoicing, not for hiding it!

Anna Devane Wants In

It looks like John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) has come up with a new plan to take down Pikeman, and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) in no uncertain terms wants in!

It looks like another battle of non-cooperation is taking place as she again reminds him it’s her jurisdiction. This will lead to her questioning Jack Brennan (Charles Mesure) in Pentonville at the end of the week, if Cates doesn’t cooperate she’ll do it herself.

They have to find out who is running Pikeman and what they have to do with the attack at Selina Wu’s (Lydia Look) warehouse.

Intense Interviews

Dex gets an intense interview with the police academy instructor, former Detective Bennett (Kendrick Cross). Anna referred Dex and talked him up as being an asset to the force since he’s a valuable inside man regarding everything Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

It sounds like Dex is possibly telling his interviewer about Sonny taking him to the Pine Barrens, or possibly some other things he knows about.

Dex tells him about an incident and says that was a stupid and ugly way to die. Of course, he could be telling him about his former work as well.

Honest Questions

Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) catches up with Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) for the first time since Jason’s been back. They both saw him exonerated after Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) woke up and his charges were dropped.

However, it looks like Willow is wondering about something that Carly doesn’t know about Jason-she tells her she thought Carly and Jason told each other everything.

Carly looks very uncomfortable with Willow’s questions; perhaps she didn’t tell Jason she’d been involved with his brother Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison)? Carly knows Drew and Willow are close.

GH Spoilers: Sneaky Surprises, Intense Interviews, No Negotiations?

Just Checking In

In the meantime, Drew checks up on Nina Reeves Corinthos (Cynthia Watros) at work, and apparently has uncovered a payback scheme. 

Drew asks Nina what has payback ever gotten her, and what kind of payback is he talking about? Nina doesn’t answer right away but gives a sly smile.

Nina’s payback to Drew and Carly got everyone a whole lot of trouble and one less husband when the truth came out. Who’s she trying to get payback on now, possibly her man-stealing friend Ava Jerome (Maura West)?

No Negotiations?

Back at Anna’s office Jason has arrived and is facing off with Jagger, and it sounds like Jason’s not in a mood to negotiate. Jason asks Jagger why should he continue to honor that, did Jagger blackmail him into even more than he revealed?

Jason isn’t going into many details with others, but he will reveal something to Anna. Might he reveal a part of the deal that Jason can live with if he doesn’t finish the mission?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.


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