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Ivanka Trump Angered Over Chelsea Clinton’s Comments About Barron Trump

She just wants her to step aside. There’s strong speculation on social media that Ivanka Trump might not be too happy about recent comments that Chelsea Clinton made about her half-brother, Barron Trump. While Chelsea might have meant well in her words, she also managed to take a swipe at the rest of the Trump siblings in her same sentence. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Ivanka Trump Angered Over Chelsea Clinton’s Comments About Barron Trump

Just recently, Barron Trump was once again subjected to some harsh bullying online on his 18th birthday. One former NBC executive suggested that the young adult was now “fair game” because of his age, meaning that the mainstream media could criticize him just as much as they criticize his father, Donald Trump, and the rest of the Trump family. That’s when Chelsea Clinton stepped in.

During an online discussion, Chelsea made it clear that Barron should be protected from any kind of online harassment, simply because he is a private citizen. But when asked about his older half siblings Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Eric Trump, Chelsea had something different to say. She said that Ivanka, Donald Jr, and Eric were a different story and because they had connections to their father’s campaign, they were the ones who were fair game.

Ivanka Trump Wants Chelsea Clinton To Stay Quiet

Of course, Ivanka is none too pleased that Chelsea would even share her opinion about the matter in the first place, let alone take a swipe at her and her brothers while she was at it. It’s not like Ivanka ever had anything distasteful to say about her or the Clinton family. She knows how to formulate opinions that won’t personally offend anyone. Clearly, Chelsea operates differently which is probably one of the many reasons why the two former friends don’t even talk to each other anymore. And who can blame Ivanka for feeling this way, right?

We will update you with all of the latest details as they come in.

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P Riley
P Riley
29 days ago

Ivanka, Don, ,jr & Eric – they should all b sharing a cell with “Honest Don”

Vivian Morgan
Vivian Morgan
29 days ago

Why do these people always talk bad about each other? Barron has a right to a normal manhood and not to have to watch out for people trying to find something on him. And all the ones that spoke harshly and gossiping about Catherine I hope they feel the pain she must feel after all she might have seen and heard. Why stir up matters we are not supposed to know. God bless you Catherine, I am praying for you. May God bless you and bring fast healing to your family.

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