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Royal Scandal: Prince William Caught Cheating And Lying With New Pic?

For a lot of royal fans, this just keeps on getting more and more suspicious. There’s heavy speculation that Prince William and the royal family have been caught cheating and lying again with a new photo that was published of Kate Middleton. In the pic, the Prince and Princess of Wales are in the car together with the future queen of England seemingly looking at a brick wall. But a lot of eagle-eyed fans believe that this photo might have been doctored as well. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Scandal: Prince William Caught Cheating And Lying With New Pic?

Is Prince William lying about the photo of him and Kate Middlelton in the car? That’s what a lot of royal fans and critics certainly want to know. Some people believe that the royals have suffered another royal editing fail as fans have spotted clues that prove the pic of William and Kate leaving Windsor Castle has been photoshopped as well.

The image, which shows Kate Middleton sitting beside the future king of England, features mismatched bricks on the wall behind them. A lot of fans believe that the photo might have been doctored. Of course, many have taken to social media to comment on the matter with, “I’ll sooner believe Prince William and his team are telling lies about Kate Middleton than the alternative. He has form for telling lies and throwing others under the bus to cover his lies,” along with, “Not just Kensington palace, what about other royal residence’s too, there’s more than one royal story that hasn’t really been dealt with, unless they can’t answer one without the other.”

Royal Family News: What Really Happened To Kate Middleton?

Another critic wrote, “It’s astonishing that even the so called Kate’s fans are not concerned about her welfare. They really should be asking questions as Kensington Palace have shown themselves to be untrustworthy and lacking in credibility. Where is Kate?”

Kensington Palace has no comments.

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Gayle Johnson
1 month ago

like father like son. How would your mother feel? Your dad hurt her so you’re doing the same to Kate and your kids? Wouldn’t Diana be proud?

30 days ago
Reply to  Gayle Johnson


Debra Rapp
Debra Rapp
30 days ago

This is ALL too much ,how would all you nay sayers like to be under a microscope .William and Kate and the Kids I’m sure no matter their titles would like to live a somewhat “Normal” life. Can people just Leave them alone!!! Also King Charles and Camilla ,Harry and Megan , What’s all the secret sins of everyone with such rude comments.. I just dont understand
why people think They have to know ALL that’s going on in their personal lives. Have some Honor leave them All Alone. God Bless us All

30 days ago

Oh please. Stop with all the ridiculous speculation, lies, rumors, etc. Where is the picture?? Another clickbait headline with nothing to do with the story. Stop wasting people’s time.
Just leave the royal couple alone. Stop trying to make trouble. Geez.

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