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Doria Ragland’s Relationship With Prince Harry Revealed

Could she be the mother that he’s been looking for this entire time? Maybe. Royal Family News suggests that Doria Ragland’s relationship with her son-in-law Prince Harry might be one that many people wouldn’t otherwise except, especially considering all of the drama that Harry and Meghan Markle have had to deal with in the last couple of years. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Doria Ragland’s Relationship With Prince Harry Revealed

As many royal fans already know, Harry doesn’t have much of a relationship these days with his father, King Charles, or his brother, Prince William. The same can be said about Meghan Markle and her own father, Thomas Markle, and everyone from his side of the family. But if there’s one person who has remained tight with the Sussexes, it’s Doria Ragland. In fact, many people noticed that during the Visions of Women Awards in New York City, Harry looked just as comfortable with his mother-in-law as he did with his wife. The harmony between all three of them was certainly there!

Of course, many royal fans have commented on the matter on social media. Some have said, “Harry knows how lucky he is to have an amazingly stunning wife and an incredible mother in law. Doria has become his loving parent. His own loving mother is gone and the less said about his father and stepmother the better. Sometimes we’ve got to make our own families,” along with, “I think its clear Doria and Harry are close. I feel like Doria treats him like a son but is never trying to replace Diana as his mother, you know? I also feel like Doria probably looks at this man who walked away from his family and life to protect her daughter and loves him for that.”

There’s Harmony Between Doria And Harry

Another fan wrote, “It’s wonderful to see Doria there and I agree that Doria and Harry seem to adore each other. He’s got all of the family that he needs right here even if he doesn’t have them in the UK.”

Clearly, it’s safe to say that Prince Harry and Doria Ragland have a great, close relationship and that Doria might be the one person that he can truly trust and count on outside of his own family. The Duke of Sussex can easily count his lucky stars because he sure does have a lot of them!

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