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Taylor Swift Completely Ignores Toby Keith’s Death Despite Being Discovered By The Country Star

Taylor Swift is being slammed for completely ignoring Toby Keith’s death even though she was discovered by the country star and given her first big break by him. Here’s what you need to know.

Taylor Swift Completely Ignores Toby Keith’s Death Despite Being Discovered By The Country Star

Country star John Rich pointed out on Twitter that Taylor Swift has completely ignored the fact that Toby Keith had passed away after his battle with cancer. He wrote to his followers, “When is @taylorswift13 going to share some words about Toby Keith? The man who discovered her, got her the 1st record deal? Taylor, where are you today? #TobyKeith.”

Matt Couch also wrote, “Going to be interesting to see what she says about Toby Keith. Without Toby Keith there wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift.. Toby signed her to his record label and gave her, her start. Hope she recognizes that today.. like she should.”

It goes without saying that many fans sure did have a lot to say about the matter on social media. Some even commented with, “Very true, this will show their fans, who is supporting and who doesn’t really care. Very sad and I can’t imagine anyone not saying something about Toby Keith. He will go down in history as one of the best patriotic singers our country ever produced,” along with, “If she doesn’t say ANYTHING, that would speak VOLUMES to me about who she truly is or who she’s truly being controlled by. She’s too good for country anymore. Ever since her followers promoted her to goddess.”

Taylor Swift Slammed By Critics

And then another critic wrote, “Wow! Thank you for posting this! I had nooooooooo idea! I knew she moved here from New York and there was some controversy about her dad buying all her music to make it go #1 or something like that …… but this is the first time I have ever known that Toby Keith signed her. RIP.”

As of press time, Taylor Swift is yet to say anything about the matter.

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25 days ago

More to the story about ‘Toby”. Thats not all he was to her … ahem ” predator ‘. Bernice you’re a dumb bitch.

25 days ago

I understand Taylor is in Japan on tour. She still should be able to acknowledge Toby’s death on social media, if nothing else.

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