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Is Prince William Keeping Harry And Meghan Away From Kate Middleton?

There might be a solid reason as to why he ended up traveling to Jamaica and not to the UK last month. There’s some speculation that Prince William might be keeping both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle away from his wife, Kate Middleton. Even though the Duke of Sussex wants to be with his family right now during this time of crisis, something is forcing him to stay back. And a lot of people think that it might be his brother, Prince William. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Is Prince William Keeping Harry And Meghan Away From Kate Middleton?

A lot of royal fans couldn’t understand why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would travel to Jamaica instead of the UK when both Kate Middleton and King Charles were hospitalized for their surgeries. It was odd timing, for sure. And while the Sussexes are yet to make any comments about the matter, there’s strong speculation on social media that Prince William might have blocked them from coming home to see the Princess of Wales and Harry’s father, the King of England.

With so much going on behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace, the last thing Prince William wants to deal with is another media headache with Harry and William. He knows that if they were to show up, the British media would have a field day with it. Sure, Prince Harry might have good intentions in wanting to see his family, but William knows that the media would twist it into something totally different than what it would be. That’s why he wants to keep the Sussexes away. 

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For Prince William, it’s hard enough trying to keep the monarchy afloat, deal with your wife’s health woes and try to give your three children as much attention as possible. Seeing Harry and Meghan at his doorstep would just set him off, no doubt. Do you agree?

Tell us, what do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, watch this space for more The Young and the Restless juicy drama to come. 

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1 month ago

What a shame Meghan does not seem to like her own family now Harry’s and seems she wants the Monarchy to fail. Pity on poor Harry and their children.

1 month ago

I think William needs some psychological help. If he can’t play nicely on the sandbox with his brother then he will make a horrible king and ruler. Forgiveness,, not that Harry is at fault. William is the obvious bully. You can see it in his eyes. He has allowed too much power to turn him into a power hungry ass.

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