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General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton’s Return Date Revealed

General Hospital spoilers say that he’s back baby, and he’s better than ever before. Of course, we are talking about actor Steve Burton, who is reprising his role as Jason Morgan on the hit ABC soap. And it looks like he is getting ready to go back to work sooner than previously anticipated. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton’s Return Date Revealed

According to Michael Fairman TV, Steve recently revealed on his podcast that he will be filming his first episode of his return to General Hospital as soon as next Monday, February 5th. That is so exciting! Many viewers of the hit soap are certainly excited to see what’s in store for the handsome actor as the last time that he was on the canvas was back in 2021. As many fans can recall, both Steve and Ingo Rademacher were let go from the soap for refusing to comply with the ABC network’s vaccine mandate at the time.

Now, regardless of everything that had happened in the past, Steve says that he’s thrilled to be returning to General Hospital. He said, “Listen, you know, I left the show a couple years ago, everybody knows the whole story, and it’s great. Frank [Valentini, executive producer] did an amazing job with this reveal [on the prime-time special] of, ‘One door closes, another one opens,’ because that’s what I said in my Instagram video when I left, you know? I believe that in my life, that when one door closes, another door is gonna open and that’s how I’ve lived my whole life.”

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Steve also added that he’s incredibly excited for what’s to come. He continued, “ I mean, it’s been a big part of my life. It’s enabled me to do so many things in my life and opened so many other doors for myself and my family. It’s been incredible. So, to return home, see my friends and family there, it’s been amazing. All I know is I’m buried in a cave in Greece somewhere, I don’t know!”

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So happy Jason is coming home to PC and bringing. Morgan with him

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