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General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Demands A Progress Report From Scott

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Demands A Progress Report From Scott

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease in this week’s Sneak Peek Update, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) wants a progress report from Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner). Lucy is very impatient and wants to know why their plot is taking so long, and calls him for answers.

General Hospital Spoilers: What’s The Holdup?

Lucy is in the Deception Cosmetic office on her phone, and she’s quite impatient-she wants to know what’s taking so long. The plot is for Scott to romance Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) who they think is lonely and vulnerable, into a marriage.

Then once the marriage is in place, Scott’s to con Tracy out of everything she has financially, but in particular Deception Cosmetics and return it to Lucy.

Lucy asks “listen, I don’t understand the holdup—when are you going to give me an update on our little aberration?” Scott sighs in frustration, and tells her he’s just trying to get his ducks in order with Tracy, and then tells her about his and Tracy’s meeting.

GH Spoilers: Meeting With Tracy Quartermaine

Scott continues explaining to Lucy that the good news is, he’s meeting Tracy there at the Metro Court this morning. Lucy scowls, and then asks him how did he make that happen-she doesn’t like what Scott tells her next; he says he told Tracy the truth.

Lucy seems shocked-and asks what, which truth-Scott tells her he told her the truth about Lucy, and she asks what does that even mean?

Then she really gets upset and tells her to listen to her-she’s coming there right now, she’s coming there. Lucy prepares to get to the Metro Court to monitor Scott and Tracy’s meeting, but she’s met with resistance from Scott.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Demands A Progress Report From Scott

General Hospital Spoilers: Scott Baldwin Tries To Stop Lucy Coe To No Avail

Scott says no, no, no, trying to stop Lucy from coming to the restaurant, telling her if she does she’ll cramp his style-she asks, “What style”?

An exasperated Lucy grabs her purse, and tells him he’s going to explain every word he’s going to say to Tracy, or she’ll pull what’s left of his hair out! But she doesn’t get very far-she collides with her boyfriend Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) before she can leave the office.

Martin pulls her into a kiss and a tight hug, and says “hey baby-where do you think you’re going to in such a hurry, huh? Lucy doesn’t look like she appreciates the kiss but manages to give him a tight smile-she’ll convince him to go to the Metro Court instead of taking her to a spa.

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