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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Puts A Restraining Order On Liam

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that my, how the tables have turned. Even though there was a time not too long ago that Thomas Forrester was acting like the creepy stalker when it came to Hope Logan, it looks like it’s now Liam Spencer’s turn to be the obsessed creep.

Believe it or not, Thomas thinks Liam’s behavior is getting too weird for his taste! He might even convince Hope to put a restraining order on him. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Puts A Restraining Order On Liam

As many The Bold and the Beautiful fans know by now, Hope is incredibly happy in her relationship with Thomas Forrester. She might not love him just yet, but the chemistry between them is so hot, everyone is surprised that they haven’t started a fire at Hope’s place just yet. It’s bound to happen.

However, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that Liam just can’t get out of his ex-wife’s business. Even though he’s supposedly moved on and wants to be with Steffy Forrester now, he’s still obsessing over Hope so much that he even asked her if she’s on birth control with Thomas.

As if that’s any of his business, but seeing Hope in lingerie certainly rubbed Liam the wrong way. Thomas now has the woman that used to belong all to Liam. But he let her slip away.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: What’s Next For Liam Spencer?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also say that Thomas is going to Liam in his tracks. Sure, Liam and Hope share a child together, but that doesn’t give him the right to come over anytime he pleases.

Plus, he’s meddling too much in Hope’s business and Thomas is not going to stand for it. Watch this space as we have a feeling an explosive fight is going to happen between the two of them soon enough!

Who would have thought that after all of these years, Thomas Forrester looks like the sane one? Soon enough Hope is going to have to put a restraining order on Liam!

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Jane McNeill
Jane McNeill
18 days ago

Do Hope does put a retaining order on Liam he is crazy!!!!!!!!!

18 days ago

Liam is off his rocker …He left hope,he broke it off with hope and divorce papers were signed by both…Liam has no right to interfere with her life any more ..who she sees it’s on her…she moved on HE SHOULD DO THE SAME….Tryingvto take hopes baby away will cause damage for Liam…Brooke ,Rodge,steffy the forester/Logan will go against him…he will lose…

14 days ago

Liam had his chance …Yes hope was wrong but so was Liam stealing kisses from steffy until she told him to stop she is married and she loves her husband…but he kept on pursuing steffy until she flat out told him she wasn’t interested in going back to him that was a definite NO…now he goes back running to hope he still loves her and wants her back..THIS FREAKIN WAFFLER CANNOT COMMIT TO ONE WOMAN LET ALONE 2….and that’s what he has been doing since l watch this darn soap…using these two woman against each other playing with their emotions…making babies out of wedlock …He’s a immature young boy and he needs to grow up grow some cojones and stop this …MOVE ON FROM THESE TWO HAPPY LADIES WHO FOUND LOVE AND ARE IN A COMMITED RELATIONSHIP…Something he doesn’t know of

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