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Paris Hilton Is Getting Bullied For Sharing This Photo Online For This Sad Reason

Paris Hilton is being bullied and even mom shamed for a photo that she shared of her son Phoenix online. As many fans probably already know, Paris shares her 10-month-old son with her husband, Carter Reum. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Paris Hilton Is Getting Bullied For Sharing This Photo Online For This Sad Reason

Unfortunately, the internet was not very kind when Paris shared a photo of her son Phoenix for the very first time on her Instagram account. That’s because a lot of trolls made a whole lot of comments about the little boy’s appearance. And let’s just say that the comments were not kind, either, especially when it came to the shape of the baby’s head.

When some people wrote on social media that Paris should have put a hat on her son, some critics replied with, “You are all beyond cruel for making fun of a child. Grown adults too! What a sad, pathetic world we live in. He’s adorable Paris,” along with, “Absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. Just a mother showing her baby off to the world. He’s a cutie ! It’s a shame grown people get on here and make fun of little babies. Honestly my baby’s head is like this and I love it!”

Another critic wrote, “So disgusting that adults can be so horrible. He is a beautiful baby boy. I hope all the PERFECT people making the shitty comments enjoy their pathetic lives. If putting down a baby makes your day I pity your families.”

Paris Has Not Made Any Comments About The Bullying

And then there was this comment as well: “For all those making fun of him, it seriously looks like he might have a condition called hydrocephalus. Our friend’s daughter has it and this is around the age they diagnosed her. He thought it was just the big head genes… it definitely has a more unique shape to it though.”

So far Paris Hilton herself has not made any comments about all of the bulling her son has  received online. Watch this space.

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