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Travis Kelce Has A Secret Connection To Daytime Television

He might be getting a whole lot of attention for his relationship with one of the biggest pop stars in the world (if not the biggest pop star in the world), but believe it or not, he also has a secret connection to the daytime television world. Of course, we are talking about NFL star Travis Kelce, who happens to be dating Taylor Swift at the moment. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Travis Kelce Has A Secret Connection To Daytime Television

While on the New Heights podcast with his brother Jason, their mother Donna recalled the story about how Travis got his name. And apparently, he was named after one of her favorite all-time characters from the daytime television world. She loved the name so much that she ended up naming her future NFL great son after him.

During the podcast, Donna said, “You remember that you guys were saying that I named him after the fat kid on Overboard? … Okay, there was another Travis, on a soap opera… And I just had thought he was the most gorgeous man in the whole world and I named you after him.” 

Travis Kelce Was Named After A Soap Opera Star

For those who need a little refresher, Donna is talking about Travis Montgomery from Pine Valley. The character was played on and off over the years by All My Children actor Larkin Malloy from 1987 to 2001. Travis Kelce was born in 1989. Donna definitely has good taste.

Let’s just say that Travis Kelce was quite shocked when he found out that his mother had named him after her favorite daytime television character. In fact, he couldn’t stop laughing during the podcast. But then again, we always knew that the family who watches daytime television together stays together, right? We can only wonder what Taylor Swift has to say about all of this. And yes, soap operas continue to make a very huge impact in this world! Maybe, and just maybe, Taylor can write a song about this. Watch this space.

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