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Prince William Blasts Meghan Markle For Supposedly Losing Princess Diana’s Ring

Prince Harry doesn’t seem to be very worried about it but it seems like Prince William certainly is. There’s a new report that suggests the Prince of Wales has put Meghan Markle on blast for supposedly losing Princess Diana’s ring. That’s because she hasn’t been seen wearing her engagement ring in a very long time. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince William Blasts Meghan Markle For Supposedly Losing Princess Diana’s Ring

Apparently, the Duchess of Sussex has not worn her $465,000 engagement ring in several long months, prompting speculation that she is either having it repaired or she simply lost it. And if there’s one person who seems to be very concerned about this, it’s her brother-in-law, William.

Meghan even didn’t wear her ring while she was in Germany for the 2023 Invictus Games. The missing ring certainly did raise a lot of eyebrows among royal watchers. One source close to the situation even put it this way, “None of it makes sense that she’d not be proudly wearing it in Germany. And it’s safe to say it has set off alarm bells at the Palace.”

Did Meghan Really Lose Diana’s Ring?

William is now trying to find answers about the ring, which is certainly going to make his rift with Prince Harry even worse.

The insider added, “He’s putting the word out through mutual friends that he wants to know what’s going on,” the source shared, adding that the Prince of Wales will not rest until he discovers the jewelry piece. Not knowing where they are is disturbing for William. He’s always protective of his mother’s legacy and her jewelry was such an important part of that.”

The source continued, “The memories he has of her wearing each piece will never go away.”

Meghan Markle herself hasn’t made any comments about the ring. If she did lose it, there’s no doubt that there would be an international search for it. But then again, if she did hand it over for repair, shouldn’t she have gotten it back by now? Royal fans definitely want to know the truth.

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