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Pippa Middleton Is A Class Above Meghan Markle

Pippa Middleton is the kind of sister-in-law that Prince William likes to have in his corner. At least, that’s what one royal expert believes. The Prince of Wales seems to have enjoyed a far better relationship with Pippa than he ever did with Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle while she was still in the family. That’s because she’s someone who knows how to keep quiet, unlike the Duchess of Sussex. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Pippa Middleton Is A Class Above Meghan Markle

According to OK! Magazine, royal expert Jennie Bond, who often has something to say about the royal family on almost a daily basis, suggested that Pippa Middleton is a class above Meghan Markle in Prince William’s book. She’s not someone who would sell the royal family’s deepest, darkest secrets to the media or the highest bidder for that matter. Unlike Meghan, Pippa doesn’t like controversy. Even though she gets attention for being Kate Middleton’s sister, she’s not one who stand in front of the cameras or even on red carpets for that matter.

Bond put it this way, “She [Pippa] has proved a loyal and discreet sister-in-law. And that goes a VERY long way in William’s book. But she also has the same easy manner and sense of humor that attracted him to Catherine in the first place.”

Royal Family News: Pippa Knows How To Keep Quiet

What’s more, it seems like Pippa and Kate are still extremely close even though royal fans often don’t see them together in public. Bond added, “She and Catherine are extremely close; they chat as often as possible and meet whenever they can. “They talk about everything, and I very much doubt that Catherine expects her sister to stand on ceremony when they are together. In public, of course, Pippa pays due respect to the future Queen, but I suspect they probably both find that sort of protocol quite funny.”

She continued, “The fact that Pippa has married an extremely wealthy man, James Matthews, means that the relationship between the two sisters has remained quite a balanced one.”

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