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The Young and the Restless’ New Love Triangle: Audra, Kyle And Adam

The Young and the Restless spoilers say that if there’s anything that we’ve learned about life in this fictional town of Genoa City, it’s that there’s no way that two people can have a secret affair without a third person finding out about it. Actually, make that getting involved with it. Yet it looks like Audra Charles and Kyle Abbott are going to learn that the hard way as Adam Newman is not only going to find out about their secret dalliances, but he might also get involved as a third member of their love triangle. Sally Spectra and Nick Newman might want to step aside for this one. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

The Young and the Restless’ New Love Triangle: Audra, Kyle And Adam

Nikki Newman recently warned Kyle Abbott that he better not even think about any funny business and just quit his little affair that he has going on with Audra Charles. It’s bad for business and needless to say, bad for his marriage to Summer Newman. The two are yet to even get divorced.

But because Kyle Abbott is the person that he is, he’s not going to listen. He’s going to try and get freaky under the sheets with Audra for as long as he can. Well, little does he know that Audra Charles is the kind of woman who always has her own agenda, too. She’s been eyeing Adam Newman for some time now and probably even knows that the only way she can climb up the corporate ladder at Newman Enterprises is if she aligns herself with the right people. And let’s just say that Adam definitely much more in his package than Kyle Abbott does.

The Young and the Restless’ New Love Triangle: Audra, Kyle And Adam

So, what’s a girl like Audra to do in a situation like this? There’s a very good chance that she’ll end up romancing both men at the same time. That is, until Victor Newman finds out and puts a stop to it. He’s going to blow the roof off with just one puff.

In the meantime, The Young and the Restless fans will have to tune in to find out what will happen next! Watch this space as there’s more to come. In the meantime, let us know what you think by leaving us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on the CBS network. Check your local listings for times.


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