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Meghan Markle Just Proved Again That She Can’t Let Prince Harry Go

While it may seem like Meghan Markle is the kind of person that just wants to stay at home and raise her two children privately away from the spotlight. But at the same time, it seems like she will use any opportunity to put her name back in the headlines and that’s exactly what she’s doing with her upcoming trip to Germany. Here’s what you need to know.

Meghan Markle Just Proved Again That She Can’t Let Prince Harry Go

Even though there was some speculation suggesting Prince Harry was going to attend this year’s Invictus Games in Dusseldorf by himself, it looks like his wife Meghan had a change of heart. It was announced on Thursday that the Duchess of Sussex will be in Germany just in time for the closing ceremony. A spokesperson for the couple even said that the Duchess of Sussex is “delighted” to be attending this year’s games.

But then again, is there even a real reason for Meghan Markle to even go? The Invictus Games was Prince Harry’s brainchild. Plus, everyone knows that with Meghan there, she’s going to take away from the attention that the athletes should be getting at the games. It’s not like Meghan is purposely trying to steal the limelight away from anyone, but her sheer presence is enough to make headlines, and especially with the British press.

Meghan Markle could have chosen to stay home. But instead, she wants to be there with Prince Harry. As many insiders have said in the past, Meghan loves being famous. Then again, the only reason why she’s famous is because she’s famous. She can’t just let Prince Harry do his thing and support the people that he cares about at an event that he loves. No, Meghan has to be there, too. Her behavior also proves that she can’t let go of Prince Harry and all the perks that come with being married to one of the most popular royals of all time.

Meghan Is Attending The Invictus Games – But Should She Go?

Now, whether or not Meghan will accompany Prince Harry to the UK remains to be seen. As much as she likes being famous and popular, she doesn’t like eggs thrown at her and that might happen the moment she lands at Heathrow. Watch this space.

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