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General Hospital Spoilers UPDATE Tuesday, August 8: Second Guessing, Second Thoughts, Second Chances

General Hospital Spoilers UPDATE Tuesday, August 8: Second Guessing, Second Thoughts, Second Chances

General Hospital spoilers and updates for Tuesday, August 8 tease second guessing, second thoughts and second chances. Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) second guesses his brother’s decision, Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) has second thoughts, and a guilty Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) hopes for second chances.

General Hospital Spoilers: Suspicious Minds

At the Quartermaine mansion, Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) and Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) have suspicious minds. Cody’s asking Brook Lynn to help him get into Ferncliff to see Sasha and pleading his case. Brook Lynn tells him when he says it that way, it does sound like something shady’s going on.

The two will come up with a plot for Cody to both bypass Gladys Corbin’s (Bonnie Burroughs) too restrictive visitors list and Nurse Janice (Lauren Swickard). It will probably involve a distraction on Brook Lynn’s part so Cody can get to Sasha.

GH Spoilers: Second Guessing

Meanwhile at the hospital, Martin is in Cyrus Renault’s (Jeff Kober) room second guessing his brother’s wishes, asking if he’s sure he made the right decision. Martin, coming off a near-death experience when he coded during a heart attack wanted Martin to give away all his money. He wanted to start a halfway house for outgoing prison inmates. This would probably include vocational rehabilitation and perhaps job placement and counseling, if it’s done right.

General Hospital Spoilers UPDATE Tuesday, August 8: Second Guessing, Second Thoughts, Second Chances

General Hospital Spoilers: Hard Questions

At Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) house, Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) endures some hard questions from Anna about his connections to Pikeman. She had realized that he’s the common link between the WSB, Pikeman, and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). She’s obviously suspicious, but asks him if he’s keeping something from her.

Valentin must have some current contacts since he’s the go-between between Sonny and Pikeman. In his mercenary days, he worked as their logistics coordinator.

GH Spoilers: Second Thoughts

Back at the hospital, Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) must have picked up on some hesitations in Elizabeth, possibly about their renewed romantic relationship. She tells him “me, having second thoughts about this”. It’s been difficult for these two to progress romantically with each other although they have been through thick and thin together. But, it sounds like maybe Elizabeth is not as ready as she thought to move forward with her romantic life.

General Hospital Spoilers: Clarification Needed

Cyrus wants some clarification from Martin as they continue to talk about his request for Martin to give away all his money to start the halfway house. He asks Martin to just tell him he did as he asked! It sounds like Martin wanted him to perhaps take a little more time to think about it and consider possible ramifications instead of going into it impulsively.

Cyrus’ impulsivity has been more often than not his downfall throughout his life. It would be wise not to make rash decisions out of an effort to clear his conscience after nearly dying.

GH Spoilers: Commitment Needed

Meanwhile, back at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) and Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) likely get into an argument over Tracy’s rash decision. Tracy has come to the conclusion it’s time to commit Ned Quartermaine aka Eddie Maine (Wally Kurth) to a mental health facility. Olivia looks a bit between offense and shock, and it’s probably not going to be her choice. As his wife, she automatically has the say-so over Tracy when it comes to decisions like this and she’ll probably object.

General Hospital Spoilers: Second Chances

At Ferncliff, Sasha looks like she’s hunched against a wall screaming and crying for second chances and forgiveness as she cries that she never meant to hurt someone. Obviously, she has to mean Cody, although it’s not clear if he was able with Brook Lynn’s help to make it into her room. Dr. Damon Montague (Darin Toonder) had previously injected her IV line with something to make her stop hallucinating, which means it’s really something to make her hallucinate even worse!

She could be looking at Montague, Nurse Mandy (Daisy Wang) or Nurse Janice (Lauren Swickard) thinking any one of them is Cody. Or, it could be no one at all-maybe she’s asking her IV pole for forgiveness!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.


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