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General Hospital Spoilers: Finn And Liz Have A Frank Talk-What To Do About Violet’s Matchmaking?

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn And Liz Have A Frank Talk-What To Do About Violet's Matchmaking?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) will have another frank talk. What can they do about Violet Finn’s (Jophielle Love) continuous matchmaking?

General Hospital Spoilers: First Them, Now Gregory Chase And Tracy Quartermaine?

Violet’s matchmaking is getting out of hand – now she’s expanded from trying to get Finn and Liz back together to Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) and Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot)! They were civil to each other in front of Violet, but as both Finn and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) know, Tracy and Greg together would self-combust. There’s entirely too much vitriol there to even think about.

They need to get to the bottom of why Violet seems to want to matchmake everyone in the family. They get that with losing her maternal grandmother and mother in a relatively short time she might be afraid she’d lose more family.

GH Spoilers: Was Violet Finn Affected By Cameron Webber Moving Away For College?

Finn and Elizabeth puzzle through and wonder if Violet could have even been affected by Cameron Webber (William Lipton) moving to the west coast for college. Who else’s moving away could she have been affected by-she barely got acquainted with Jackie Templeton (Kim Delaney) and besides, although she’s Chase’s mom she’s not Finn’s.

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn And Liz Have A Frank Talk-What To Do About Violet's Matchmaking?

But they have to put a stop to the pint size matchmaker’s efforts-Elizabeth admits if she and Finn reconciled but it didn’t work out again she doesn’t want to hurt Violet. They try to figure out why Violet now is trying to matchmake everyone in her family circle; it just seems kind of weird. They keep coming back to when Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) disappeared without a trace and never communicated or tried to reach out-even Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) never mentioned Hayden.

General Hospital Spoilers: Perhaps A Psychologist Could Help?

This matchmaking of Violet’s is getting so intense she’s even trying to find Jake Webber (Hudson West) a girlfriend, and he doesn’t want one! Finn and Liz discuss if possibly a child psychologist could help get to the bottom of Violet’s matchmaking obsession. The only thing they come back to over and over is Violet losing her mother and never knowing what happened to her, or if she’s alive or dead.

Elizabeth knows that definitely a little girl needs a mother figure and she’s still willing to be that as Violet’s aunt. They don’t have to be a couple for her to do that, however, because the relationship is there-Finn thinks that maybe a child psychologist could help, however.

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