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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Walks In On Thomas And Hope

She should be shocked but not shocked at the same time. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that Brooke Logan couldn’t believe her eyes when she walked in on her daughter Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester doing the dirty over at Thomas’ place. And while it’s humiliating enough to have your mother walk in on you while you are getting freaky under the sheets with her partner, it’s even worse when your mother happens to be Brooke Logan. Here’s what you need to know.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Walks In On Thomas And Hope

By now everyone knows that Hope is clearly moving on from her marriage with Liam Spencer. She couldn’t have drawn up those divorce papers any faster. While Thomas Forrester has a sketchy past of his own, at least Hope can sleep easy at night knowing that he’s not going to waffle to another woman at any given time. Sure, Hope might have cheated on Liam with Thomas but Liam is no angel himself. He’s cheated on her so many times in the past – and with Steffy Forrester out of all people – that Hope has lost count. So for Liam to throw a huge fit over one kiss that she had with Thomas back in Italy isn’t just unfair, it’s a huge exaggeration.

And while Liam has every reason to be upset about his marriage falling apart, Hope’s mother Brooke Logan is going to be absolutely beside herself. The last person that she wants to see her daughter be with is a person like Thomas, considering how he basically ruined her own marriage to Ridge Forrester. So you can only imagine the look on her face and what she might have been thinking the moment she saw Hope and Thomas all over each other and in a major way, too. These two just can’t get enough of one another!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: What’s Next For Thomas And Hope?

With that said, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers predict that Brooke is going to do everything in power to stop Hope from continuing her relationship with Thomas, no matter how much her daughter is going to protest over this. Brooke knows that Hope is making a huge mistake by throwing away her marriage and her family with Liam to be with such a manipulative person like Thomas. But then again, it’s not like Brooke has the best track record with men herself, right? But that doesn’t seem to matter to Brooke as Thomas is one person that she will never accept in her family, no matter what. Watch this space.

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