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Is Meghan Markle A Jealous Person?

While there’s no doubt that a lot of people feel jealous and all the emotions that come with it from time to time, some royal critics believe that when it comes to Meghan Markle, she might be a very jealous person altogether. In fact, it seems like the Duchess of Sussex is quite jealous of Kate Middleton, Sarah Ferguson and any other member of the royal family that seems to succeed more than her. Here’s what you need to know.

Is Meghan Markle A Jealous Person?

It’s been suggested that Meghan Markle might be jealous of Kate Middleton and her position within the royal family. But then again, Kate did come first and is married to the future King of England, right? Royal correspondent Angela Levin puts it this way, “The truth is Meghan didn’t understand the monarchy; she thought she could and would be equal to Prince William and his household and grumbled she wasn’t paid when she went on her first official tour to Australia in October 2019. Meghan sees her role as a global influencer but as her recent podcasts revealed the main person she focuses on is herself. Someone sorting pictures for the trailer must have gone through piles of photographs of Catherine to find one where she looks harsh rather than beautiful.”

Back in September 2022, it was also reported that Meghan was jealous of Kate’s new title of Princess of Wales. Some suggested Meghan might have been quite upset that she wasn’t given a new title on her end as well. One royal critic even said at the time that Meghan “came home to the US and asked the American audience at an Ellen taping to call her Madam Duchess. All she cares about is the titles.”

What’s Next For Meghan Markle?

There was also a report that hinted Meghan might have been jealous of Sarah Feguson and the success she got from her new book. Fergie released a new book called A Most Intriguing Lady and it has been doing so well that the Duchess of York is in talks with major production companies in the hopes of turning her book into a television drama. Some believe that Meghan Markle might become jealous of her success. After all, it’s the Duchess of Sussex who is the Hollywood star of the royal family, and the Duchess of York. At least that’s what Meghan is probably thinking to herself.

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