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Royal Family News: Sarah Ferguson Diagnosed With Cancer: Here’s What Happened

There’s sad news that just came out of Buckingham Palace. Royal Family News says that Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of the Duke of York, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. However, on the same day that her cancer was announced, the Duchess of York’s spokesperson said that she has already undergone surgery, too. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Sarah Ferguson Diagnosed With Cancer: Here’s What Happened

Sarah Ferguson found out about her breast cancer following a routine mammogram. But a spokesperson for the duchess has already revealed that the surgery was good and that the royal mother-of-two’s prognosis is good. Sarah also spoke about the diagnosis on her new podcast, Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah, but she recorded the segment before her operation. 

No other details about Sarah’s operation have been shared with the public. 

Of course, many royal fans and critics alike have shared their well wishes with the duchess on social media. Many of them have written, “I copped BC at 64 through a routine mammo. Had the tumor removed by a breast saving surgeon, was Stage I and took aromatase inhibitors for five years. I wish Duchess Sarah a full recuperation,” along with, “As soon as she’s up to it she should do an interview urging women to get screened. If it encourages just one woman to do it.”

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Another critic wrote, “I’m no fan of Sarah due to her behavior/comments over the years, but I wish her a full recovery. Anyone thinking/typing otherwise deserves a special place in hell. All the best Sarah.”

A lot of people also pointed out that because of Sarah’s diagnosis, there’s a chance that King Charles might let her and Prince Andrew stay at the Royal Lodge now. After all, it’s not like the King of England to throw a woman with cancer out on the street, right? So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter. With that said, we also wish Sarah Ferguson a speedy recovery and good health.

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