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This Is Why The Royal Family ‘Needs’ Duchess Sophie

Are they really running out of royal family member? Royal Family News suggests that the British royals are in desperate need of a new “star” in the spotlight and they think Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh might be perfect for the job. After all, with Sophie now being in her prime, the royals need someone who looks good, dresses well, and knows how to flash that one million dollar smile when expected. And luckily for everyone, Sophie is someone who ticks the boxes for all three which is probably why the royals are gearing her up to be the new “star” of the family. Here’s what you need to know.

This Is Why The Royal Family ‘Needs’ Duchess Sophie

According to the Daily Mail, royal fans are going to be seeing a whole lot of Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh in the coming weeks and months ahead. With Kate Middleton doing her own thing and Queen Camilla not really generating much attention, the monarchy needs someone to step in the spotlight. Sophie seems to be the only person available to become the new royal headline grabber.

One royal expert by the name of Richard Fitzwilliams put it this way, “There is periodic interest in what Sophie wears, but she and her husband Edward are not in the eye of the media storm. That is the way they prefer it. However they are pivotal to the monarchy’s charitable role, which is one of its main functions. Yesterday’s event put this firmly in the spotlight. Her style is similar to Princess Anne, as she prefers a low-key approach to her duties. They have included trips to areas of conflict such as South Sudan and Sierra Leone.”

What’s Next For Sophie, Duchess Of Edinburgh?

He continued, “Sophie is becoming a big star in The Royal Family and boy do they need her! With Harry and Meghan and Prince Andrew off the scene the King has got a slimmed down monarchy, but maybe it’s slimmed down too much.”

Do you agree that Sophie is becoming the new star of the royal fam? 

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