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British Royal Family POLL: Should Prince Harry Give Up His Title?

It’s a question that a lot of people have been asking but it seems like very few people actually have an answer for it. For the longest time now, people have been wondering whether or not Prince Harry should give up his royal title as the Duke of Sussex. After all, it’s not like he absolutely needs to use it on a daily basis, right? Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal Family POLL: Should Prince Harry Give Up His Title?

According to Entertainment Daily, a spokesperson from believes that Harry and Meghan will be stripped from their Duke and Duchess of Sussex title sometime in the near future. The only thing they have left are their beloved titles, which a lot of royal critics believe should be stripped away. It’s not like they are making daily contributions to the monarchy anyway, right? 

Of course, you can bet your bottom dollar that many royal fans and critics alike have had a lot to say about the matter on social media. Some have commented on the matter with, “People need to stop telling Harry he should give up his title or demand he get stripped of it. One day he might, but it will be HIS choice and on his own time table. Also, people need to stop trying to use him as a cudgel for whatever their personal beliefs or goals are,” along with, “There could be numerous reasons why he still keeps them. It’s his birthright, he still believes in the POTENTIAL of the monarchy even if all the current heirs are absolute shit. He believes he needs it to get and maintain the security he has.”

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Another critic wrote, “Harry can do whatever he wants with his titles, but she’s right that his reputation, wealth, status, privilege all originate from an institution that is deeply racist, sexist, colonialist, etc. There is a disconnect in upholding the traditions of that institution (in her example, keeping his titles) while suggesting you’re against the things the institution stands for. It’s trying to have it both ways.”

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