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Prince William Wanted A Wife That Was The Complete Opposite Of Princess Diana?

Could it be that when Prince William was looking for a wife, he was looking for someone that was the complete opposite of his mother, Princess Diana? Maybe. In fact, there’s some fan speculation that suggests one of the reasons why William is so happy with the newly minted Princess of Wales is because unlike her mother-in-law, she doesn’t serve any royal drama. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince William Wanted A Wife That Was The Complete Opposite Of Princess Diana?

It’s been suggested that while Princess Diana probably shaped William’s choice of a woman, that changed when he was a teenager. While there’s no doubt that a lot of people would agree that William worshiped his mother as a child, that all changed after her infamous Panorama interview with the BBC. William just couldn’t forgive his mother for airing out so much dirty laundry about her marriage to Prince Charles back then and that supposedly broke him. 

Because of this, a lot of people believe that Prince William chose Kate middleton. She’s someone that is completely different from Princess Diana. She tries to live a life without drama and for the most part, allows William to trust her. She’s also brought a lot of stability to his life and their family.

What’s Next For William and Kate?

Needless to say, the internet sure does have a lot to say about the matter. Many people say that because of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce, William wanted someone like Kate Middleton because he knew that she would never betray him or humiliate him in the same way that his own parents did to one another. Some commented with, “I went through a similar situation with the drama of my parents’ divorce and how my grandparents stepped up. I made sure whoever I married will be a partner in life and create a stable household for my children. Blessings to William and Kate,” along with, “He saw how she had been raised, spent time with her family and knew the values they shared, the same values he wanted for his own family. A bad choice can ruin your life and the life of those around you.”

Another royal family fan wrote, “I felt different about Diana after Panorama as well. Until then, I gave her the benefit of the doubt about her affairs. But then when she admitted to Hewitt, I realized everything else could be true as well. I’m nostalgic but not blind.”

Of course, Prince William has not made any comments about the matter. That said, it does seem like his marriage to Kate Middleton is certainly still going very strong. Watch this space.

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