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General Hospital Spoilers UPDATE Thursday, May 11: Big Decisions, Happy Returns, Pressure On!

General Hospital Spoilers UPDATE Thursday, May 11: Big Decisions, Happy Returns, Pressure On!

General Hospital spoilers and updates for Thursday, May 11 tease big decisions, happy returns, and pressure on! Trina Robinson’s (Tabyana Ali) made a big decision, Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) happily returns to work and the pressure’s on for Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson)!

General Hospital Spoilers: Tracy Quartermaine Calls In Her Favor

Tracy calls in her favor to Brook Lynn Quartermaine, (Amanda Setton) who looks a little less than happy with what she’s being asked to do. But it was Tracy who got Chase reinstated to the PCPD so Brook Lynn knows that she owes her. Tracy herself doesn’t seem to think it’s so difficult, asking Brook Lynn if she thinks that’s a fair deal.

Brook Lynn will soon report for Grandma Tracy favor duty, knowing that when Grandma Tracy calls, she must report! Tracy does seem to have a burr up her behind about Brook Lynn’s “Uncle” Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) so obviously she’d be torn if it was something do with Sonny!

GH Spoilers: Big Decisions

Trina’s made a big decision, and she tells Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews) she wanted to tell him first what she’s decided. It’s possible she may want to find out for sure whether he or Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) is her birth father, although she didn’t want to know before. Getting a paternity test would have to involve both Marcus and Curtis, and if Marcus hadn’t been tied up with another assignment, he’d have gone been on the rescue mission too. But Marcus is the daddy Trina grew up with, and that will never change-even if Curtis winds up being her birth father.

General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis Ashford Connects With Portia Robinson

Curtis connects with Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) in another part of the hospital, and he didn’t look happy being left out of that group hug between Trina, Marcus and her. Portia was definitely grateful to get her daughter back and she literally flew into her mom’s arms, but Curtis obviously felt like an outsider. It’s difficult to tell whether Curtis is talking about the kidnap situation or himself and Portia when he gets in her face and tells her “it’s over”!

General Hospital Spoilers UPDATE Thursday, May 11: Big Decisions, Happy Returns, Pressure On!

But even though Marcus wanted to be there with Curtis and the others to rescue Trina and the rest, he was unable to. So it’s only right that Curtis should be appreciated as one of the heroes to rescue Trina and the rest.

GH Spoilers: Esmé Prince Rushes To The Hospital

Now that they’re all back safely, including Ace Prince-Cassadine (Joey and Jay Clay) Laura Collins (Genie Francis) calls Esmé Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) on the phone. Laura tells Esmé she thinks she really ought to be there while Ace and the rest get checked out, although they all seem fine if a little worse for the wear. Esmé will be thrilled to have her baby boy back again, because in spite of anything else, she does love her baby. Regardless of whether she ever gets her memory back or true self, the love she has for her baby has changed her, and Laura sees that.

General Hospital Spoilers: Happy Returns

Chase is ecstatic to be back at work at the PCPD, as he talks to Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna). It could be one of several different people and cases that Chase is talking about when he tells Dante sometimes a person does the wrong thing for the right reason. Or, he could be talking about someone that they both know and it not be related to a case.

Chase throws himself into his work at the PCPD now that he’s back, and his presence is needed. The PCPD has been rather short staffed of detectives for all the crimes that have occurred lately.

GH Spoilers: Cody Bell Checks In

At The Savoy, Cody Bell (Josh Swickard) checks in with Selina Wu (Lydia Look) at the high stakes poker game. Gladys Corbin, (Bonnie Burroughs) his accuser got an invitation to play for $5,000 dollars, and Cody asks Selina if he can play for his usual cut. It sounds like Cody might be doing exactly what Chase was talking to Dante about at the PCPD-perhaps doing the wrong thing, but for the right reason.  Gladys framed him for stealing that diamond bracelet at the Nurses’ Ball after he threatened to tell Sasha Corbin (Sofia Mattsson) that she was gambling away her money!

General Hospital Spoilers: The Pressure’s On!

Meanwhile, the pressure’s on Sasha at Maxie Jones’ (Kirsten Storms) apartment when she wants her to introduce their latest product on the Heart and Home shopping show. Deception Cosmetics’ stocks and possibly their finances are down, thanks to Gladys, and this is a good shot at not going down the tubes for the company. The product has nothing to do with babies, and for sure Maxie wouldn’t ask Sasha to introduce the product if there were any baby products on the broadcast.

The product is called “The Deceptor” and it’s a home spa device for skin treatments. As Gladys looks on, Sasha looks panicked as Maxie insists she absolutely cannot say no!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.


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