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Prince Harry’s Anger Is About To Explode?

It looks like there is a good reason why Meghan Markle took that hike in the woods by herself the day after King Charles’ coronation. And that’s not because her husband Prince Harry was totally jet lagged, but also because he left London in a fit of rage. At least, that’s what one royal expert says. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Prince Harry’s Anger Is About To Explode?

According to royal biographer Tom Bower, he doesn’t think that the future is looking very bright for Harry and Meghan. He believes that Harry’s quick trip to London didn’t go as he had planned and that he might have gone back home to California both huffing and puffing.

In an interview with GB News, the royal author put it this way, “I think Harry went back pretty angry. What really worries me is that the royal family is now a moving target, a soft touch. Charles showed that he won’t answer back so whatever is thrown at him, he’s just going to take it now. This is a real danger now.”

Apparently, Harry must have been upset because he went to England thinking that his family was going to apologize to him for everything that had happened in the past. Sadly, that never happened.

Tom Bower continued, “He [Harry] expects in his naive, stupid way to think that somehow it’s all going to fall his way. On the way back across the Atlantic, he’ll have realized it hasn’t gone his way and think ‘What can I do to make their life really even more difficult and embarrass them?’ I think he will take comfort, as will unfortunately Meghan, from those who say the balcony was too ‘white.’ They will take comfort that somehow they’re above, thrown in the racist, erm…”

What’s Next For Harry and Meghan?

Now, whether or not the royal author is correct about his assumptions, no one really knows. But what we do know is that this won’t be the last time that we will be seeing or hearing from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Here’s hoping that none of that supposed rage that Harry has supposedly been feeling reaches a boiling point, right? 

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