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Howard Stern Says King Charles Should Have Canceled His Coronation

Let’s just say that he is definitely not a fan of the British Royal Family. Howard Stern recently went off on King Charles and the monarchy, by suggesting that his coronation was a waste of time and something that shouldn’t have happened, given Britain’s economic woes right now. In fact, he thinks that the newly minted King of England should have canceled it altogether. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Howard Stern Says King Charles Should Have Canceled His Coronation

The shock jock took to his Sirius XM radio show to express his opinion about King Charles and why he thought the coronation was “disgusting.” He said, “I’ll tell you why it’s disgusting. I mean, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to say this, but, you know, England’s having its own economic problems and they spent a fortune on that coronation. And it’s just repugnant to watch a country whose suffering through economic problems … and then you see the pomp and circumstance.”

Stern continued, “It’s part of the tourism. I get all that. I’m not naive, but it just sends the wrong message.”

Stern also didn’t seem to understand why the royal family had to make such a big deal out of the coronation and even called King Charles a “p***y.”

He said, “England’s gotta get a grip on themselves. I understand, maybe it brings in tourism, but Jesus H. Christ. First of all, Prince Charles is a p—y. That’s No. 1 — and people are acting like — the whole ceremony they’re acting like that f–king guy went to war or something, and then beat up all the other people.”

That’s when his co-host Robin Quivers said, “Did something great besides being born.”

Do You Agree With Howard Sterns Comments?

Back in September, Howard Stern also complained about all of the non-stop coverage about Queen Elizabeth’s death. He said, “It’s weird traditions and everything and I’m like, ‘Jesus, enough with the Queen!’ I mean, it’s America, we don’t have a Queen. The Queen was a nice lady, I guess. My whole life the Queen has been the same Queen and there’s a tradition there and she did her duty to her country, I get it, I get it, I get it but we gotta get back to Trump, where those papers are that they found at Mar-A-Lago.”

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Ann Thurston
Ann Thurston
1 month ago

King Charles is a looser and does not deserve to be king especially after treating Harry so rudely. I think Harry should be the next king and Megan left in America. William and Kate are worthless and should leave everyone else alone. Until she actually tells the world what kind of Cancer she has, she should divorce William.

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