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What Happens If Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Get A Divorce?

Now, it’s not like anyone is hoping for it to happen but there’s always the possibility that it could happen. In fact, a lot of royal family fans out there can’t help but wonder just how a Prince Harry and Meghan Markle divorce would look like. Of course, it would look just a little bit different than what you would normally expect from a royal divorce, simply because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex live in California and not in the UK. But even with that in mind, Harry is still a member of the royal family. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

What Happens If Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Get A Divorce?

There’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that Harry and Meghan deal with a lot of stress on almost a daily basis. Since they are no longer working royals, they have to work twice harder in order to pay their bills and be the financially independent couple they’ve always wanted to be. But at the same time, they also deal with a lot of drama coming out of London. That’s because if they are not fighting the British tabloids with their multiple lawsuits, then they are dealing with all of the unfounded rumors coming out of Buckingham Palace. For Harry and Meghan, it’s like a never-ending cycle.

That said, there’s some speculation that their marriage won’t make it. After all, the only life that Harry has ever known was the royal life. Even though he’s built a new one for himself in California, Britain will always be home for him. And of course, that’s what will end up complicating matters for Harry. Meghnan will most likely want to keep the couple’s two children in California with her. At the same time, Harry will want to bring them back to London. It will certainly be a bitter custody battle that will have the royals fight Meghan to the very end.

It’ll Be A Bitter Custody Battle To The Very End

At the same time though, any grandchild that is born automatically belongs to the monarch. That means Archie and Lilibet belong to King Charles more than they belong to Prince Harry or Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex is going to have a hard time fighting that should she try to keep them in California. The fact that they even have their royal titles sure wouldn’t help Meghan’s case, either.

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