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Royal Family News: Prince William Determined To Keep Meghan Markle In The Shadows At The Coronation

Royal Family News suggests that Prince William might do whatever it takes to make sure that Meghan Markle stays in the shadows during King Charles’ coronation celebration in May. In fact, make that both Meghan and her husband Prince Harry as there’s a very good chance that William is none too pleased that both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been invited to the festivities. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Prince William Determined To Keep Meghan Markle In The Shadows At The Coronation

Many reports have indicated that if there’s one thing the Prince of Wales plans to do during the coronation, it’s to keep his distance from Harry and Meghan. He is outraged that his little brother told the world about a nasty fight that they had gotten into in his tell-all book, Spare. 

Not only that, but Harry also seemingly threw Kate Middleton under the bus when he revealed that she had gotten into a petty fight with Meghan over bridesmaid dresses a few days before their royal wedding in 2018. For that alone, William believes that Harry’s actions are unforgivable.

While some reports say that plans are being made to accommodate Harry and Meghan at the coronation, the couple still have not said whether or not they plan to travel to the UK to see King Charles on what will most likely be the most important day of his reign.

Even if they do come,  there’s a strong possibility that Harry and Meghan won’t be included with the rest of the royal family on Buckingham Palace’s balcony. Instead, they might be treated like lower-rank royals because at this point, it will be hard for William, Kate, or even King Charles to look them in the face without wanting to get into a heated argument with them. The royals certainly are like the rest of us when it comes to their family feuds, right? Here’s hoping that everyone will be able to put things aside just for one day – or at least when the cameras are watching.

Royal Family News: Will The Royals Get Along?

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