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General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Plots to Throw Victor Off By Throwing Herself at Nikolas

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Plots to Throw Victor Off By Throwing Herself at Nikolas

General Hospital spoilers reveals Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) is too deep into this mess with Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) now to get out of it. He might have involved her and coerced her into staying entangled with his criminal behavior by making her fear she would be otherwise persecuted, but she won’t blame him regardless.

She’s not very happy to know Nikolas right now, but aiding and abetting a hostage situation with a known fugitive is what friends do for each other, right? Everything was expected to move along swimmingly — until Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaugnessy) moved back into Wyndemere and threw a wrench into their plans. As Victor becomes more intrigued with what Elizabeth is up to in the North Tower, Elizabeth will have to get pretty clever to keep him away.

General Hospital Spoilers — Victor Takes Interest in the North Tower

Victor is quite intrigued to know why Elizabeth is spending so much time in the north tower, and Nikolas is going to have to be quick on his feet to come up with an explanation. Maybe he’ll claim Elizabeth needs a place to work on her art. Perhaps he’s going to tell Victor she’s taken to painting again and can’t get anything done at home with the boys interrupting her. Will Victor buy the excuse? Maybe, for a little while anyway.

GH Spoilers Tease Elizabeth Puts on a Show

When Victor starts to doubt whatever tale Nikolas feeds him, he just might start thinking there’s more going on with Elizabeth than he’s saying. Is Nikolas actually having an affair like Victor has been implying to Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West)? When Elizabeth realizes Victor suspects she and Nikolas have been slinking away to the north tower as a cover for a secret romance, she’s going to play on his suspicions and let him think that. Elizabeth might engage in a faux argument with Nikolas about their secret affair just to dupe Victor into thinking he’s on the right track. Elizabeth assumes that as long as Victor thinks he knows what’s going on in the north tower, he won’t go poking around to confirm it for himself.

General Hospital Spoilers — Victor Longs for Leverage

Victor is going to take the bait because it gives him something he wants — leverage. This could benefit him on both ends. If he chooses, Victor might use this allegedly real affair as leverage against Nikolas to persuade him to speed up his divorce from Ava. However, if Nikolas still drags his feet — which he will — then Victor also might leak the information he thinks he has to Ava in hopes that she will grow furious with Nikolas for coupling up with Elizabeth and will decide to abruptly divorce him on her own terms. Either way, Victor sees it as a win for himself. Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers as we continue to dish them out.


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