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General Hospital Spoilers: Alley Mills Is In Port Charles And Here’s What Fans Think

General Hospital spoilers say that actress Alley Mills – who a lot of fans best remember as Pam from The Bold and the Beautiful – has made her debut in Port Charles as the new Heather Webber. Viewers of the hit ABC soap sure have a lot to say about Alley in her new role. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers: Alley Mills Is In Port Charles And Here’s What Fans Think

Of course, many General Hospital fans and critics alike took to their social media accounts to write comments such as, “When I first heard the woman’s voice at the end of her first show, she sounded out of her freaking mind. They showed Allie Mills and I wondered why the hell she was playing a disheveled psychopath. I was shocked when Olivia said she was Heather Webber. I thought it was a genius recast. She kinda looks like Robin Mattson too,” along with, “I watched GH, back in the day– Luke and Laura and when Robin Mattson played Heather, during the Diana Taylor murder story too. Robin was incredible–I can’t imagine anyone else as Heather, especially not Alley Mills. Robin Mattson was very subtle and nuanced.”

Another critic wrote, “They ruined her when they brought her back with an obsession with Luke and a penchant to marry Edward. Heather RARELY crossed paths with Luke, Laura, or Edward. She was in Rick, Lesley, Jeff, Amy, and sometimes Monica’s orbit. I love Alley, but Heather ain’t been MY Heather for decades. She’s gone from a manipulative gold-digger to outright criminally insane.”

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There was also this comment: “I’ve been watching GH since grade school lol I remember Heather the first go around. Even the one before Robin Mattson and the original Jeff. Who said the hooker is going after Trina? That could be a red herring just like they initially thought the connection was Sonny. And the Willow comparison IS silly because Willow is already on the canvas. Heather was gone for six years and just brought back so we have no idea if she has/had a connection with Trina. There is 6 years of absent time. Soap writing has ALWAYS been silly, especially on GH. The Cassadines freezing the world, doppleganger masks, Casey the alien, etc.”

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