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Jennifer Lopez Has Been ‘Faking It’

Well, tell us something that we already didn’t k now. There’s a new report that suggests Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage has been over for several months now.

Celeb News: Jennifer Lopez Has Been ‘Faking It’

In other words, the two of them, and especially Jennifer Lopez, have been faking it. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

According to Page Six, one source close to the situation has said that while the two of them have been apart since March, Ben still feels very protective over his estranged wife.

One tipster even said, “You can’t build a relationship with someone who is disconnected from themselves.”

And while Jennifer was trying to make it look like everything was ok between them, the jig was definitely up when she went on a solo vacation to Italy late last month.

At the same time, Ben Affleck was seen moving his stuff from their shared home in Beverly Hills.

Of course, the internet sure does have a lot to say about the matter. Some have even commented with, “Every time I have got back temporarily in contact with some ex, yes, I perceived some of the old sparkle, but also, quickly, why we broke up.”

“To me that is part of the process of arriving at one’s own identity.”

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Have Been Done For Months Now

Another critic wrote, “That’s a shame. I’ve been married for over 40 years but we were married young, had children together, have a long history together and are financially tied to one another. It’s hard to defer and yield to someone.”

And then there was this comment as well: “Well….I remember when she gave an interview to a magazine (I can’t remember which one) and said that Ben broke her heart when he called off the first wedding. And that he was the love of her life.”

“My advice to her is not to jump in a relationship right away. She needs to learn how to live on her own. Not dependent on a relationship.”

So far Jennifer Lopez herself has not made any comments about the matter just yet.

In the meantime, come back right here for all the latest updates and spoilers on your favorite daytime television shows including The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives.



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