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The Young and the Restless Star Eric Braeden Attacks Fan: ‘You Are Stupid!’

If there is anything that fans have learned about The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden over the years, it’s that he certainly doesn’t hold back, especially when he’s got something on his mind.

The Young and the Restless Star Eric Braeden Attacks Fan: ‘You Are Stupid!’

And that’s exactly what happened when one of Eric’s X users made a comment that didn’t sit too well with the actor.

Eric, who is best known for his role as Victor Newman on the hit CBS soap, shared his thoughts about the presidential debate with Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

And even though he’s always supported Joe Biden, Eric believes that it’s now time for him to step down and allow another candidate to take his place for this year’s election.

After Eric made his thoughts on the matter clear, one of his fans wrote to him, “How would you feel if CBS and YR came you and said its time to step down and replace you with a new Victor Newman?”

The Young and the Restless Star Eric Braeden Didn’t Hold Back

It didn’t take very long for Eric to fire back. He replied with, “You are stupid! That would happen if I forgot my lines…in a nanosecond!!!”

“What does that have to do with the issue at hand?! I love what Joe Biden has stood for and trust him IMPLICITLY!! But it’s time to go!”


But once Eric makes up his mind about something, there’s no doubt that it stays that way.

Yet, many of his other followers comments with, “What a weak man you are. That man pulled us out of a global pandemic and has done an amazing job on getting this country back and you want to run and hide because he had a bad night?”

Another critic wrote, “There would be no YNR without Mr. Braeden playing Victor Newman…point blank…show some respect. .Joe Biden looked like he had dementia tonight. EBraeden punches the bag like he is 25.”

And then there was this comment as well, “We all knew that Biden was going to run for reelection and yet we all chose him the job. So standup and run the course.”

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10 days ago

Sorry Eric, I’ve always been a fan of yours, but you shouldn’t be calling someone stupid when you support the crooked do nothing but damage the country, demented president we’re stuck with, you’re the one who is stupid.

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