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The Real Reason Why William And Harry Hate Camilla

Hate is certainly a strong word to use but it looks like there’s no other way to put it.

Royal Family News: The Real Reason Why William And Harry Hate Camilla

There’s a new report that suggests there was a valid reason why Prince Harry and Prince William just never got a long with their stepmother, Queen Camilla.

That’s mostly because they’ve always resented her because of her own longstanding feud with her love rival and William and Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

Royal author Christopher Andersen even put it this way in a new interview with Us Weekly, “They pleaded with their father not to marry her and only grudgingly agreed to go along with the charade if Charles kept his promise not to make her queen.”

“That title would have gone to Diana 
if Camilla hadn’t broken up their 
parents’ marriage. When Charles broke that promise, William and Harry felt betrayed.”

If that weren’t enough, there’s also speculation suggesting it was Queen Camilla who made sure that King Charles would not see Prince Harry back when he visited the UK in May.

That’s because she doesn’t want to see King Charles more stressed out than he already is with his cancer battle.

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Prince Harry?

She also thinks that people like Prince Harry would do nothing more than contribute to that stress with all the drama that he brings to the table.

The tipster said, “She’s focused on her husband’s health, and injecting Harry into the equation will only cause more turmoil.”

However, it was also noticed that the King of England’s avoidance towards his sone Prince Harry “does seem a little callous … the late Queen Elizabeth said she wanted Harry to be considered part of the family, always.”

“Charles harbors a lot of anger towards Harry. He’s always been very protective of Camilla. “It’s not easy for him to forgive people who have scorned her.”

So far Buckingham Palace had made no comments about the matter.

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John thomas
John thomas
28 days ago

Yes you are right my friend.

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