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Royal Family News: Why Is Sarah Ferguson So Quiet?

Sarah Ferguson was once one of the biggest stars of the royal family and that’s not just because of her multiple scandals and controversies. It’s also because she’s someone that you just can’t ignore.

Yet, a lot of royal fans and critics alike can’t help but wonder why she’s been so quiet lately.

Royal Family News: Why Is Sarah Ferguson So Quiet?

Why is Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York so quiet lately? Everyone seems to be asking that same question lately.

Well, it’s probably because she’s had quite the eventful year these last twelve months.

Last year, Meghan Markle was none too pleased over the fact that Sarah Ferguson was invited to spend Christmas with the royal family at Sandringham while the whole world knows that both she and Prince Harry were just itching to be there themselves. 

Royal Family News: What’s Going On With Sarah Ferguson?

Unfortunately, Harry and Meghan never received the invite that they so desperately wanted yet Sarah and her husband, the very controversial Prince Andrew, were there.

Last year, the Duchess of York was diagnosed with cancer and snubbed from King Charles’ coronation.

In 2023, Sarah also announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news shocked her fans. She found out about her breast cancer following a routine mammogram.

Thankfully, a spokesperson for the duchess has said that the surgery went smoothly and that the royal mother-of-two’s prognosis is good. 

However, Sarah also did have a lot of praise for the newly minted King of England, too.

She said, “I feel really strongly that the King is brilliant. He upholds everything that is good. I mean, what he’s done for the environment! What he’s done in his life!”

“How he loves to paint, how he loves to walk, how he loves to be. He is a very special person. So for him to have a moment where everybody looks up and understands how hard he and the Royal family has worked, is important.”

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