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General Hospital Spoilers: Jagger’s Aggravation, Elizabeth’s Suspicions, Violet’s Protection

General Hospital Spoilers: Jagger’s Aggravation, Elizabeth’s Suspicions, Violet’s Protection

General Hospital spoilers and updates for Tuesday, June 11 tease aggravation, suspicion and protection. John Jagger Cates (Adam Harrington) is aggravated, Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) is suspicious, and Violet Finn (Jophielle Love) will be protected if her aunt in law has anything to say!

General Hospital Spoilers: Jagger’s Aggravation

Jagger is clearly aggravated with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) as he converses with her, presumably in her office. It seems that their conversation revolves around Anna’s plans to engage in covert operations in order to uncover the truth about Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). Both Anna and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) are aware of Valentin’s current role as the head of Pikeman.

However, it appears that Anna is not yet ready to share this information with Jagger. Later in the week, Anna will accept an offer from Valentin, while John will assign Jason a shocking task.

GH Spoilers: Sam McCall Tries To Convince Damian Spinelli

Meanwhile, at the Metro Court, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) engages in a conversation with Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Earlier, she had asked him to hack into the FBI servers to gather information they had on Jason, but he refused.

Now, it seems she is attempting to persuade him once more to undertake this risky mission. She informs him that their chance is about to arise, and Spinelli listens attentively, although he appears somewhat unsure. Will he agree to take on the mission or decline once more?

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth’s Suspicions

Aiden Webber (Tristan Riggs) looks on with worry as Elizabeth interrogates Jake Webber (Hudson West) in the kitchen. Jake had been at a bar with underage friends and witnessed Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) leaving with Barb (Devon Ogden).

When he informed his mom about Finn, he conveniently left out the detail of being inside the bar.

Elizabeth is suspicious and demands an explanation. Will Jake come clean with his mom, or cover up his lie with another one-that certainly won’t fly!

General Hospital Spoilers: Jagger’s Aggravation, Elizabeth’s Suspicions, Violet’s Protection

GH Spoilers: Violet’s Protection

Currently, Brook Lynn Chase (Amanda Setton) is at the Quartermaine mansion with her mother, Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer). Lois appears saddened but supportive as she talks about their protection plan.

Brook Lynn reassures her that she and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) will go to great lengths to protect little Violet, even if it means bringing her to live at the mansion.

They believe that staying at the mansion is a more secure option than remaining at Chase’s apartment.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brother To Brother Confrontation

In Finn’s apartment, Chase addresses the issue of Finn’s drinking problem. It doesn’t matter that his previous addiction was to zekenestrol or zen zen; an addiction is an addiction.

Looking at his brother who appears to be completely disconnected, Chase can’t believe it-Finn’s condition continues to worsen following their father’s death.

Chase informs Finn that his problem is even bigger than he imagined! Will Chase need to use his detective skills to compel his brother to seek assistance?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates. 


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