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What Happened To Tiffany Trump?

Sometimes you think you know everything there is to know about the Trump family until you realize there’s just so much more to learn about them. Seeing how Tiffany has been staying in the spotlight and doesn’t really post much on social media, a lot of people have been wondering what’s been going on in her life lately. Here’s a little run down.

What Happened To Tiffany Trump?

Back in March, it was speculated that Tiffany didn’t have a very good relationship with her mother-in-law, Melania Trump. Yet, when it comes to Melania and Tiffany, it seems like they might still be in the getting to know each other phase even though they’ve been in each other’s lives for years. But at the same time, Melania has been supportive to her stepdaughter. Along with the other members of the Trump family, she was there to support Tiffany during her college graduation. The two women also stood side by side plenty of times during Donald Trump’s campaign rallies and during many public appearances with the family. 

That said, it doesn’t seem like Melania is the kind of person who would pick up the phone and call Tiffany at any given moment. That, and they probably have never gone on a shopping trip together, let alone had any private lunches with one another. 

Tiffany Trump Is Keeping A Really Low Profile

There was also a report that suggested Tiffany Trump was told to stay out of the spotlight by her family. Unlike her half siblings, Ivanka Trump Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump, Tiffany didn’t spend as much time on the campaign trail supporting their father Donald Trump. Well, even though Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump are still doing the media circuit speaking on their father’s behalf, there’s a lot of reports suggesting Tiffany has been told to keep her distance. At least for now. Donald might only need her when the campaign gets close and he’ll have to deploy his entire family to meet with his supporters again. 

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