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Travis Kelce Feeling The Heat: Pressured To Marry Taylor Swift

When it comes to the celebrity world, it looks like there really is no such thing as getting to know one another.

Celeb News: Travis Kelce Feeling The Heat: Pressured To Marry Taylor Swift

In fact, there’s heavy speculation on social media that suggests Travis Kelce is feeling the heat as he is being pressured to marry his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Even though the couple have only been dating since October, Travis keeps on getting asked when he is going to make an ‘honest woman’ out of Taylor Swift.

You’d think that the public and their peers would let the two of them take their time before taking such a big step in their relationship together, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

The public and of course Taylor’s fans just want to see her get married to Travis.

It seems like many of them just want to fantasize about a Taylor Swift wedding in the hopes that they can believe in true love in their own lives as well.

Celeb News: What’s Next For Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift?

But of course, both Taylor and Travis don’t see it this same way. They want to take their time. In fact, there’s a very good chance that they won’t even start talking about marriage until they’ve at least reached the one year part in their relationship.

After all, they’ve got their entire lives to be with one another. Why rush things especially knowing that things might not work out in the end if they go too fast?

As much as Travis and Taylor keep sidestepping the question, the more people are going to ask it anyway.

Plus, Taylor has always been very cautious about her past relationships. She’s kept them very private, too. This is the first one that has been very public. That’s why she wants to be careful.

But as slowly as Travis and Taylor are trying to take things, the pressure is still on. 

So far Travis Kelce himself has not made any comments about the matter.

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