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Royal Fight: Kate Middleton Is Snubbing King Charles At Major Event

This is certainly a side of Kate Middleton that no one has seen before. There’s a new report that suggests Kate Middleton is snubbing King Charles at one of his first major events of the year. There’s a new report that says the Princess of Wales will not be there to support the King of England during his speech when he formally opens Parliament. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Fight: Kate Middleton Is Snubbing King Charles At Major Event

On November 7th, King Charles is expected to outline the British government’s proposed policies and legislation for the new year. The King of England will make his speech from the throne in the House of Lords. However, there are going to be two key members of the royal family that are not going to be there to hear the king’s historic speech: his son, Prince William, and his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Prince William is expected to be in Singapore on the same day. He is traveling to the micronation for this year’s EarthShot Awards. Kate Middleton also won’t be there because she’s chosen to stay home to help her son Prince George prepare for his upcoming school exams. The palace has already confirmed that  the Princess of Wales won’t be traveling to Singapore with her husband, so it only makes sense that she won’t be going to hear King Charles’ speech as well. But for King Charles, this is worrying.

Royal Fight: What’s Next For The Princess of Wales?

Of course, many royal fans and critics alike believe that Kate Middleton could make the effort to support her father-in-law on what will be a very important day for him. But she’s not. Kate is sending her own message to the world that she’s got her own priorities that she’s taking care of. And clearly, both King Charles and her own husband Prince William are not on that list. Her children right now are more important to her than her duties to the crown. Watch this space as we have a feeling there is more royal drama to come.

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6 months ago

Spot on assessment of the hypocrisy between how positive the Cambridges spending habits off taxpayers purses. They are already billionaires with shares and owning property in England. The Sussexes were basically crucified for wanting to do renovations to their cottage that by reports needed it, the smallest of the properties within the Monarchs possessions.

They reimbursed the taxpayers fully but yet were evicted. frim the home and I would like to know if the Sussexes were compensated for what they spent on renovations.

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