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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Here’s What You Need To Know About Deacon And Sheila’s Wedding

Is this going to be a happily ever after kind of story? That’s what a lot of The Bold and the Beautiful fans can’t help but wonder as it looks like Sheila and Deacon’s wedding is going to be one that everyone is going to remember.

That, or it might be one that the happy couple will try to forget. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Here’s What You Need To Know About Deacon And Sheila’s Wedding

According to the latest edition of Soap Opera Digest, actor Sean Kanan, who plays Deacon on the hit CBS soap, previewed what’s in store for his character and Sheila’s big day.

He said, “It was originally supposed to be at the beach, but then they changed it to Il Giardino because that’s the place where they fell in love.

So it has very sentimental meaning to them. Deacon has found what he feels is true love.”

Sean also said that Deacon has now doubt in his head that Sheila is the love of his life. And he doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it, either.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: What’s Next For Sheila And Deacon?

He put it this way, “There are a couple of people [whose opinion] Deacon cares about. Obviously Hope, and I think he does care about Brooke’s opinion as a friend. He’s always wanted her approval and to prove that he’s worthy of being with her, if not as a romantic partner, then as somebody who’s worth being a co-parent in their daughter’s life.”

He continued, “Deacon doesn’t give a s— about what Ridge or Bill or anyone else thinks. Also, Deacon really believes that Sheila has turned a corner and has made some significant changes in her life. We’ll see if that proves to be true.”

Deacon is also so grateful that Hope is attending the wedding.

Sean said, “Deacon was willing to marry Sheila without Hope’s blessing, although that would’ve been difficult for him because he values his daughter on so many levels. He disappointed her early in her life and he absolutely does not want to be anything but be a source of support and strength for her.”

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