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Joy Behar Gets Nasty Over The Trump Kids

Let’s just say that she wasn’t a fan, isn’t a fan, and will never be a fan at this point. The View co-host Joy Behar couldn’t hold back when she was asked about the adult Trump children and whether or not it’s acceptable to be supporting your kids when they are grown up. And let’s just say that she certainly did have a lot to say about it.

Celeb News: Joy Behar Gets Nasty Over The Trump Kids

Joy shared her thoughts on supporting adult children during the May 2nd episode of the hit ABC talk show. She hinted that kids eventually need to be self-sufficient and pointed out that DOnald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are not in that category at all. She definitely went on the attack and called them out.

The television personality put it this way, “It depends on the kid, in my opinion. Like my kid, she’s a very good girl. She was a waitress. She knows how to work; she’s not a big spender. She’s not a brat. She’s not a taker, so I would leave her money. But if my kids were Donald Junior Trump and Eric, no. I mean, take for example, those two. They certainly know how to hustle it and grift around and make their own money, those two, and the sister, too.”

She continued, “And where is he now? All his money is gone and now he’s leeching off of the people he wants to vote for him. So leaving the money doesn’t ipso facto solve the problem, Exhibit A.”

Celeb News: Joy Behar Doesn’t Hold Back Against The Trump Family

If that weren’t enough, Joy’s co-host Whoopi Goldberg also chimed in with, “One of the great answers is children learn by what they see. My mother worked her behind off and so that’s why I feel the way I feel and I’m leaving my kid everything that I have.”

It goes without saying that neither Donald Trump nor any of his children have made any comments about the matter, although at this point it’s doubtful that they will.

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20 days ago

Joy Behar is just plain nasty anyway. So her calling others nasty is tit for tat isn’t it.

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