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Donald Trump Is Feeling Desperate For This Reason

It looks like there aren’t many people who have his back these days. It seems like Donald Trump is feeling more and more desperate and there’s a reason behind it. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Donald Trump Is Feeling Desperate For This Reason

As many of Trump’s fans and critics alike already know, the former president is currently in the middle of his historic criminal trial in New York City. Trump is being accused of allegedly paying an adult film star hush money to remain quiet about their relationship. This occurred right before the 2016 election. And while his wife Melania Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump certainly don’t want to have anything to do with it, it seems like his supporters have been keeping their distance from Trump and his court case, too.

Just this week, Trump tried to rally up more supporters after only a handful showed up outside his courthouse. For the former businessman and New York City native, this is certainly embarrassing. You’d think that there would be more people out there who would be willing to voice their support for Donald Trump, but that just hasn’t happened. Instead, it seems like everyone is just as embarrassed over this as Melania and even Ivanka Trump.

What’s Next For Donald Trump?

For for Donald Trump, he is definitely desperate. This is not the image that he wants the world to see. He wants everyone to believe that he’s got the backup from his MAGA followers, but unfortunately, those same MAGA fans are no where to be seen. As much as Donald might not want to admit this, he’s going to have to deal with this all by himself. Now, whether or not Donald will be victorious remains to be seen, but it also looks like the odds are stacked against him. And while both Trump’s family and his supporters seem to be well aware of that, the only person who can’t seem to understand that is Donald himself.

So far Donald Trump has not made any comments about the matter.

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