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General Hospital Spoilers: All About Carly’s Comeback

No one even noticed that she was gone to begin with, yet it looks like she’s already planning quite the comeback. General Hospital star Laura Wright recently opened up about her character, Carly Coritnthos and what’s next for her at the Metro Court. What she has to say will certainly surprise a lot of her fans. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers: All About Carly’s Comeback

In a new interview with Soap Opera Digest, Laura opened up about her character’s reaction after Jason gave her the Metro Court as a gift. She said that Carly was shocked, to say the least. Laura put it this way, “She didn’t expect it. She tries to say no, and then he asks her, ‘Do you think you would have lost the hotel if I were here?’ He won’t take no for an answer. It was interesting because the scenes were written where he just kind of walks out the door. During rehearsal, I don’t really play too much because I know that there’s so much emotion in any scene with Steve [Burton, Jason] that I like to wait and see what happens during taping.”

The actress continued, “And it was interesting that it wasn’t written for me to hug him. I thought, ‘Is it interesting if he just walks out and she’s shocked and stopped in her tracks?’ And I thought, ‘Well, that’s one way, but Carly and Jason are kind of deeper than that.’ So, I wanted to see what happened in the moment because maybe you play the opposite of what you expect. But the tears were coming, and he was there, and I just grabbed him and hugged him, and it was really great. And you know, we have four or five cameras rolling all the time, so I was like, ‘Oh my God, no one knew I was gonna do that. I hope they got that on camera. I hope I didn’t mess up the shots by doing that.’ But yeah, it was just really great and emotional.”

General Hospital Spoilers: What’s Next For Carly Corinthos?

But then again, Laura admits that she really didn’t have much of a choice with Jason as he was going to give it to her anyway. She explained, “She knows with Jason when it’s worthless to fight. There are great scenes coming up where she explains it all. You know, when Sonny wanted [to buy the hotel back for Carly], it was out of guilt because he destroyed their family. And she’d never take it from Nina, the woman who took her husband. And then Michael, she didn’t want him to be involved in any way in case it came back to bite them with the SEC. And she wasn’t going to let Ned and Olivia gift it to her because she’s not going take that from her friend. But Jason’s family in a whole different way.”

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It goes without saying that General Hospital fans will have to tune in each and every day to find out what will happen next. General Hospital airs on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.

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