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Doria Ragland Is Tired Of Meghan Markle’s Antics

For this mom, enough is enough. There’s heavy speculation on social media that suggests Doria Ragland is tired of her daughter Meghan Markle’s antics. While there’s no doubt that the Duchess of Sussex does the things she does in order to keep her name in the headlines. But if there’s one thing that Doria is just tired of, it’s having to be dragged into her daughter’s business. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Doria Ragland Is Tired Of Meghan Markle’s Antics

If there’s anything that royal fans have learned about Doria Ragland so far, it’s that she’s a very private person. She doesn’t feel comfortable in the limelight and would just prefer to keep to herself. But she’s not comfortable with all of the media attention. That’s something that she didn’t experience before, even though her daughter has always been a Hollywood actress. It wasn’t until her romance with Prince Harry did the media begin to attack her. It’s been frustrating to say the least.

All Doria wants to do is live her life in peace, but it seems like her daughter Meghan has other things on the agenda. That’s because she knows that she sometimes needs her mother Doria in order to generate good and interesting headlines. It worked when Doria went to a charity event and posed for photos with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. And it worked again when Doria was seen with Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles. Because Meghan knows that while it might not be in her best interest to pose with the Kardashians, everyone is going to want to know why her mother is hanging out with them and what the connection might ne.

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Doria?

So far Doria herself has not made any comments about the matter, but that doesn’t mean she’s not upset. The best thing she could do right now is keep her distance and hope that her daughter stops using her for PR opportunities. 

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1 month ago

I was under the impression that nutmeg learned all from her mother.

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