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Melania Trump Is Trying To Hide Her Stress In This Way

Sometimes she just wants to keep her game face on, but for a lot of her critics, that’s just simply not enough. Former First Lady Melania Trump has been mocked for trying to appear as though she was trying to not show any “idea of stress or tension” as she supposedly sat “frozen” beside Donald Trump at a golf ceremony in West Palm Beach this past week. Some people think she was probably trying to hide her emotions, seeing how the Trumps are dealing with so much stress right now because of Donald’s multiple lawsuits. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News: Melania Trump Is Trying To Hide Her Stress In This Way

One body language expert by the name of Judi James explained in a new interview with The Mirror that Melania Trump looked like she wanted to be anywhere but by her husband Doanld’s side at his West Palm Beach golf club. That was because the ceremony happened on the eve of his $454 million fraud fine deadline that was in connection to his hush money case.

No one should be surprised that Melania was trying to put on her best game face. But James says that the former First Lady knew exactly what she was doing throughout the entire time she was sitting next to her husband. She put it this way, “Melania appears to be back in her supportive role here, leaning in to listen like a friend and confidante as Trump whispers some words in her ear. The only problem is that she still appears to be frozen in exactly the same pose when he is sitting further apart from her and not exchanging any words.”

Celeb News: Melania Trump Is Trying To Support Her Husband

James continued, “Melania’s body language works though and is photogenic in her signature sphinx-like way as it appears to deny the idea of any stress, pressure or tension behind the scenes.” 

Now, as far as Donald’s own body language, James added, “Winning does seem to be his own personal fuel in terms of energy, resilience and enthusiasm.”

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