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New Details Emerge About Kate Middleton’s Eating Disorder

All in one month, King Charles was hospitalized and had corrective surgery for his enlarged prostate and was released just to later find out that he was diagnosed with cancer. But the King of England still managed to make an appearance outside of the hospital and even attended one of his royal engagements this past week. Kate Middleton was also hospitalized for her abdominal surgery during the same time as her father-in-law, yet she hasn’t been seen in public since before December. This is prompting a lot of people to wonder what is really going on and if the Princess of Wales’ surgery has anything to do with her rumors eating disorder. Keep reading below for evertying you need to know

Royal Family News: New Details Emerge About Kate Middleton’s Eating Disorder

Does Kate Middleton have an eating disorder? That’s what fans want to know. Some insiders believe that her surgery was connected to her underlying eating disorder somehow. At the same time, Kate’s husband Prince Wiliam became angered and frustrated when he heard about this rumor. That’s because his own mother Princess Diana had delt with the same thing. 

One source close to the situation even put it this way, “William gets angry when people say Kate has an eating disorder. Of course, it worries him that people think that, but it’s also a sensitive topic given what his mother went through.”

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Kate Middleton?

Kensington Palace has not made any comments about the matter but at the same time, a lot of people have noticed that Prince William has been very quiet on his end. He doesn’t want to talk about his wife’s health problems with the press and has also been very limited in the royal engagements he’s done these last several weeks. But even with that said, royal fans know that the truth will come out about Kate Middleton’s health sooner or later, as it normally does. We will update you with all of the most recent details as they come in.

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1 month ago

One of Tabloids said she had ovarian cancer and early removal with total historectomy would free her of having cancer spread.

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