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Tragic Details About Prince Harry And Kate Middleton’s Relationship

If Prince Harry were to call Kate Middleton these days, there’s a very slim chance that she would actually pick up the phone, let alone text him back. But there was a time when Harry and Kate were very close. The Duke of Sussex even called Prince William’s wife the sister that he never had. Kate lit up each time Harry was next to her. But all of that changed the moment Meghan Markle entered the picture. Here are some tragic details about Prince Harry and Kate Middleton’s relationship.

Tragic Details About Prince Harry And Kate Middleton’s Relationship

As many royal fans are already aware of, the Princess of Wales has spent the last two weeks in the hospital recovering from her abdominal surgery. However, there are some people out there who think that Kate might have gone to The London Clinic for something else, but no one knows for sure. Either way, the fact that only her husband Prince William visited her at the hospital is certainly raising eyebrows.

It goes without saying that if Prince Harry were still living in the UK, there’s no doubt that he would be the second person – and if not even the first – to visit his sister-in-law in the hospital. After all, he cared for her very deeply while he was still living in the UK. A lot of royal fans think that the only reason why Harry and Kate’s relationship turned out the way it did was because Meghan Markle might have gotten in the middle. The moment that Harry started his relationship with his future wife, that’s when things began to drift apart between him and Kate.

Will Prince Harry And Kate Middleton Ever Make Up?

Now, whether or not Prince Harry and Kate Middleton will ever be able to repair their relationship, no one really knows. There’s no doubt that fans certainly miss seeing the duo together and are still hoping that they may be reunited sometime in the future again.

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