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New Tragic Details About Carole And Michael Middleton

The Middleton family have not had a very good year. In fact, Carole and Michael Middleton have almost lost their livelihood as their business, Party Pieces, had gone bust. And now there’s even more troubling news for the Middleton family as Kate Middelton has been hospitalized and is not expected to make another public appearance in many months to come. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: New Tragic Details About Carole And Michael Middleton

Late last year, it was reported that Carole and Michael Middleton have nearly gone bankrupt. They are millions of dollars in debt, according to reports. Back in May, successfully sold her debt-ridden business, Party Pieces. It’s been reported that an Essex billionaire and businessman by the name of James Sinclair has bought the company for over $30 million dollars.

It was also reported that Prince William feels as though she’s humiliated the royal family by not only losing her business, but also being millions of pounds in debt and being chased by creditors as a result.

And to make matters worse, Kate Middleton is now in the hospital. Even though she had what many people assumed was scheduled abdominal surgery, she’s expected to stay in the hospital two weeks longer than previously anticipated. She is also not expected to make any public appearances until at least Easter. Carole and Michael Middleton are yet to visit her at The London Clinic, with a lot of people wondering why. 

Royal Family News: What’s Next For The Middleton Family?

Clearly, things are not going very well for the Middleton family with a lot of people believing that it will get worse before it gets better. So far Carole and Michael Middleton have not made any comments about their daughter’s health or her hospital stay. Now, whether or not they will go visit her remains to be seen as well. Clearly, Kensington Palace has some explaining to do.

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